Register for an Account

Register For An Account

When you first arrive here, you will likely have followed a special link shared to you by someone else. That link will allow you to register and join that persons account automatically.

Your Name

We do request your full name in order to label your reports accordingly. Keep in mind that the person who invited you to this application will recognize you by your name, so it's best to use something they are familiar with.

Email Address

When registering for your account, you will need to provide a valid email address. This is important so you can receive future notifications from us regarding your account - such as new Activity or Report assignments.

Preferred Pronouns

We also request your preferred pronouns. This is used by us only, and is requested in order to customize the rest of the experience using this application, to you specifically. Since we address you in both our activities (wizards or assessments), as well as your reports, we prefer to be able to do so how you would like us to!


The password you create to access your account must be a minimum of 8 characters.

Your Inbox

Inbox Your important notifications are saved here. You can check here to see a history of what you've done! Completed wizards, viewable reports, and sharing alerts are some things we make sure you have a record of.

Explore Yourself

Explore Explore is where you'll be doing various wizards, assessments, and activities. This is likely where you'll start if this is your first time here.

Your Reports

Reports Reports is where you'll be able to read more about yourself, based on your personality type. Depending on how your account has been set up, you may not see any reports until they are assigned to you.